What is Win Exotics?

Win Exotics is a destination for motoring enthusiasts. An online community that offers our members a buzz around the exotic and luxury car market in North America. Built by enthusiasts, enjoyed by enthusiasts, sponsored by enthusiasts, no other automotive site offers what we do.


Is this for real?

Without question …. Born from years of experience in automotive retail sales and marketing, what became apparent to our CEO and his founding team members was a realization that a real and significant passion for expensive and luxury cars by a large, diverse range of motoring fans, existed around the World.
This exotic car market accounts for less than 1% of the total number of cars sold each year in North America, yet most car buyers wish to own something a little more exciting, normally more expensive than what they currently drive. Over the years we have met thousands of people who have a real affinity with the most desirable cars the World has to offer. The decision was always a relatively easy one for us – create an environment that brings the fans, the cars and the sponsors together in one location that sees us build a community of like minded individuals and companies that mutually benefit from the experience of being at the same place at the same time, built around the excitement that is
Win Exotics LLC.


What’s in it for me?

Becoming a member of Win Exotics entitles you to be included in every Sweepstakes draw we run, without the need to re-enter or reconfirm your intent to take part. The process is free, one membership per person is granted for life and each member in equal measure stands the chance to win a car of their dreams. Sweepstake number one will involve one lucky North American member winning a brand new Bentley Continental GTC (Grand Touring Convertible - current model year at time of drawing).


How is my personal data handled?

Every member’s profile is stored with a fully bonded partner of Win Exotics LLC. We chose our global partner extremely carefully and the information we collect is rigorously protected and maintained and under no circumstances are our member’s profiles released to any third party. It is Win Exotics LLC’s intention to contact our members when we are approaching the drawing of each Sweepstake, to ensure they are fully aware of the details of the next car to be offered.
If there is one aspect of our business we consider the most important in everything we do, it is each and every one of our member’s profiles and protecting their personal details, without compromise.


How does Win Exotics LLC ensure only one entry per person?

We do this in a few different ways. Each member is asked for specific profile details when they join the community. This data allows us to Verify a winners details against our database when a Sweepstake has taken place. At regular intervals we sample our membership database using sophisticated analytics, looking for possible irregularities in the data.
When a car is won, we carry out a very detailed verification process to ensure that the winner has only entered as a member once, that member is asked to provide various forms of Identification before the car can be delivered as won. Should our investigation unearth a conflict, contrary to our terms and conditions, the prize will be forfeited, the member’s profile and any bogus profile/s erased and another drawing will take place. Win Exotics LLC may also take further action in line with Nevada State Law pertinent to fraud and fraudulent behavior against the member and to cover the costs associated to prove behavior that is not in keeping with or Terms and Conditions.
But please remember, it’s a business built for its members, a community that exists due to its passion for sports, luxury and exotic cars,
abusing its very nature defeats the purpose of its existence and the company will review its position following any unlikely possibility of a breach in its membership community.


If I win how do you notify me?

It is imperative that the member’s zip code, telephone number and email address is correct and remains current as long as they remain a member of Win Exotics LLC. We shall use the telephone number and email address we have on each member’s profile to reach them, should they win a prize.
Should a member move from the zip code provided, change a telephone number or an email address, it is the member’s responsibility to upload that new data using the member login section at the bottom of each page at


What other cars have you got planned for future Sweepstakes?

Following the community growing to beyond 1 million members the Bentley Continental GTC Sweepstakes will be drawn and the car won.
Thereafter, a car a month will be offered to our members through our free Sweepstakes.
So far, we have the following cars earmarked for the next few months following the first draw:
Porsche 911 Carrera 4S Coupe, Aston Martin V8 Vantage Roadster, Audi R8 Coupe, Lotus Evora 2+2, Mercedes SL63 AMG,
Nissan GTR, Maserati Granturismo, Chevrolet Corvette ZR1; to name just a few over the next 12 months.


What can we expect from Win Exotics in the future?

Lots of great things. Increased frequency of the Sweepstakes as our community grows. The Win Exotics online store, a place where our enthusiasts will be presented with products and services we have sourced from around the World that will be of interest to our motoring enthusiasts. Exclusive offers from the manufacturers will feature in our Sweepstakes and much, much more….
Stay tuned, it will be a fun journey.


How do Win Exotics LLC choose their Sponsors?

It’s a simple philosophy really. Occasional sampling of our membership profiles means we’ll know what our members like above and beyond their common interest of wanting to win a luxury or exotic car.
This will ensure that all our Sponsors messages are of interest to our community members and everyone, Sponsor and Member alike, benefit from the experience. We invite members to use our 'Contact us' page; as a site built for you, we want to know what you would like to see us provide for you in the future.


What if I win a car I can’t afford to keep?

Each car won is a taxable item that each winner will have to declare and Win Exotics is required by law to notify the authorities of the pertinent details of each winner of a car. To help offset some of the costs of ownership we also provide a free professional training day, to help you better understand the dynamics of the car, a fixed one off $ amount for the running costs of the car (insurance, gas etc.., see Terms and Conditions for full details) and if the win still remains a financial dilemma for our commnity winner, we can act as a sales channel to sell the car on their behalf to ensure an anxiety free transaction that results in a cash balance in return for the sale of their car. This cash amount will fluctuate depending on market conditions and the offer provided by our bank of preferred buyers. The cash gain will also remain taxable and will require Win Exotics notifying the authorities of its existence.


Can I choose the color of the car I win?

Unfortunately not. The car will be purchased by Win Exotics LLC prior to each draw taking place. However please shoot us an email if you have certain preferences in regard to color and specification (Coupes or Convertibles etc,etc...).
Wherever possible*, the video and the photogrpahs of the car featured in each Sweepstake, will be identical to the car that is won by each member, (All subject to supply / availability at time of purchase*).
All cars will be US specification.


Can a member win more than once?

Yes. Enroll for free once and become a member for life, unless you cancel your subscription. As a random process of chance, any one of our members can win any number of times.


If I win, how long does it take to get my car?

The average time from drawing of a particular Sweepstake to its new owner taking delivery will be approximately 8-18 days. This allows for Verification to take place and the Win to be authenticated.
For Win Exotics to arrange the ownership transfer, the flight and hotel details for the winner and a guest (see Terms and Conditions for more information), for the car to be shipped to a chosen venue and for the dynamic training course to be booked and scheduled with our Professional Driving Instructor and for the winner to contact his or her insurance agent to arrange their auto insurance, covering them beyond our bridging insurance.


Where do the professional training courses take place?

Off public highway locations (mainly racetrack or proving grounds) will be used, with the majority of one day courses being held in Nevada or California, depending on venue availability. A one on one full day of instruction on the operation of the vehicle, the safe handling of its power and a lesson in vehicle dynamics and high performance car road safety will be offered.


How does the Sweepstakes drawing take place?

Each member at the point of submitting their membership profile on the ‘Join’ page, will choose a user name and password and will automatically be allocated a unique membership number.
A members unique membership number and partially completed/protected password will be sent to him or her in the form of a confirmation email along with confirmation of their user name they chose for their membership enrollment on the’ Join’ page. At the close of each competition (see Terms and Conditions for dates and times), the total amount of current unique membership numbers will be electronically shuffled and following a defined yet fluctuating period of time (different for each draw) the mechanism will be stopped and a winner's number will be displayed, that will correspond to a members unique profile number. This process will be managed and audited by an independent professional services organization that will carry out each Sweepstake competition in the same manner.
This process will be filmed and presented on the website within 72 hours of each drawing on the ‘Live’ page of Win Exotics’ website.


How do I update my Win Exotics Membership Profile?

Have you moved zip code, changed your email address or contact telephone numbers? Located at the bottom of each page you will find a member log-in tab, click here to enter your user name and password and provide us with your lastest contact information, allowing us to reach you without problem, should you win one of our cars.


Why is the Bentley in the Video different to the one in the Photographs?

After we were able to track down a car to use for the Studio photographs, that particular car got sold by its then owner, before we could shoot the Video. Rest assured, the car that the lucky winner will receive will be a Brand New, current Model Year, Black on Black, Bentley Continental GTC in Mullliner Specification and if at all possible, it will include the Black Mulliner Wheels*, which are optional extras, (subject to availiability in North America*).