­Press Release – September 2010
Henderson, Nevada, USA


Win Exotics LLC
We are delighted to announce the launch of        

Win Exotics is an online destination for motoring enthusiasts.
A community that offers our members the unique opportunity to win and own the car of their dreams for free.
Built by enthusiasts, enjoyed by enthusiasts, sponsored by enthusiasts, no other automotive website offers
what we do.

We have created to present our community members with the unique opportunity to win
a sports, luxury or exotic car for free.
That’s right, for free… Simply log on, become a member and be automatically enrolled in every sweepstake giveaway we run, that can put any one of our members in North America behind the wheel of their very own sports, luxury or exotic car without them parting with a penny, let alone a dollar.

Our very first giveaway is one of the finest convertibles in the World.
A Brand New Bentley Continental GTC (Grand Touring Convertible) in Mulliner Specification.
A 6.0 ltr, W12 engine, with 552 bhp, 0-60mph in under 5.0 secs and a top speed of approx. 200mph.

Founded by Matthew Griffin, CEO and Co-Founder of Win Exotics LLC, Matthew has spent the last 20 years in various management capacities, within the Global Automotive Industry.
                  So Matthew, why Create
The answer is simple really; ... Born from years of experience in automotive retail sales and marketing,
what became apparent to me and our founding team members was a realization that a real passion for expensive and luxury cars by a large, diverse range of motoring fans existed around the World, no more so was that true,
than in the United States of America.
The sports, luxury and exotic car market accounts for less than 1% of the total number of cars sold each year in North America, yet most car buyers wish to own something more exciting, normally more expensive than the car they currently drive. Over the years we have met thousands of people who have a real desire to own the very best cars the World has to offer. 
The decision was always a relatively easy one for us – create an environment that brings the fans, the cars and fee paying automotive related advertisers together in one location and build a community of like minded individuals and companies that mutually benefit from the experience of being at the same place at the same time, built around the excitement that is,

No matter whether you are Male or Female, 21 or 81 years of age, live in Florida or Oregon,
... if you love the idea of winning a sports, luxury or exotic car for free, then join


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